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Integral Care Provider, Inc. is a staffing nursing Agency that was established in 1994. It is a nurse-owned, nurse-operated company with over 60 years of combined bedside nursing and staffing management experience. Integral Care offers different staff professionals to hospitals, outpatient and long term care facilities, doctors' clinics/offices, private duty and other healthcare facilities.
Private Duty program

Joomla! LogoIf you or your loved one are considering home care, you want to be assured that all the needs you have will be met by a qualified professional. Integral Care Provider team has over 75 years of combined nursing and health care staffing experience and has been serving

Permanent Placement program

Joomla! LogoWhether you began in our Day-to-Day staffing program, in the Private Duty Program, or as a Traveling Nurse, there may be an interest in full-time employment at a particular facility. Integral Care Provider helps smooth this transition. In order to provide the most comprehensive service to both our clients

Traveling Nurses program

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We often dream of visiting other places, but busy work schedules usually prevent us from fulfilling those vacations. Now, Integral Care Provider can help you realize the dream with an opportunity to experience those special places - all without leaving work!

As one of the most experienced care providers and progressive health care staffing companies, Integral Care Provider assures you of professional advancement opportunities and a quality commitment. Enjoy a much-needed getaway while earning excellent pay!